Core Values

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Core Values

Just as in any sport, we all begin playing hockey because of a love for the game.  At GAAHockey we value the necessity for keeping fun in the game through positive feedback and motivational coaching.  Although our main objective is to work with our students in order to develop them from their early learning into elite goaltenders, we understand that individual interests and goals vary.  We understand that every athlete has good days and bad, but because our programs are systematically built to gradually improve on every aspect of the game, every session is equally important to help each student achieve their personal goals.  When our students happen to lack the drive to push themselves, we are there to help them through focussing on their personal goals that they have set for themselves.

Your privacy matters to us and we strive to protect it.  Any personal information is restricted to the use within Goalie Army Academy only.  We will not share or sell your information.  Medical information is available to coaching staff and trainers to have on hand in the event of an emergency only.  In the event we work with two competing teams, we will not share strengths, weaknesses, or injuries with either team about the opposing goaltender so that we may avoid any conflict of interest.

Although we are a for-profit company, in some cases, we employ volunteer shooters or demonstrators who currently play or have played at competitive levels and who look to us to help them obtain volunteer hours for high school credits or are looking to us to help further develop their own skills.  By employing volunteer staff, we are able to further the development of those within our community as well as pass the savings onto our clients.  At Goalie Army Academy, our priority is to properly develop our goaltenders and therefore we demand focus, discipline, and professionalism from all staff, volunteer or otherwise.

Mission Statement

To become the technique and efficiency training leader in goaltender development in the Ottawa area while offering fair and reasonably priced essential training programs and services to goaltenders, coaches, and associations to properly develop and prepare goaltenders, and help them reach their personal goals in hockey .