R3E System

R3E System
At every Goalie Army Academy goalie camp or goalie training session, Efficiency is at the core of every single thought and movement which our students perform. Efficiency is ultimately the key difference between a goaltender and an elite goaltender.  Being at the core of all of our goalie camp and goaltender training sessions, our students successfully apply our easy-to-learn methods during their games.

Location, Location, Location

To become an efficient goaltender, our students first ensure that they maintain proper positioning and depth of their crease to minimize the amount of the net behind them, visible to shooters.  Doing so allows our students to successfully react to shots which are directed toward the net.  Taking away the amount of the net visible to shooters and being effective at stopping the puck Efficiently takes a lot of practice however.

The Process

By training under multiple elite-level goaltending coaches, Goalie Army Academy’s lead instructor, Rick Besharah, has broken down techniques, tactical methods, and studied the game to ensure that each goalie camp and goaltender training session which Goalie Army Academy provides, is ultimately the most effective for our students. Simply put, no matter what the situation or play in a game, a goaltender will process the following 3 steps:

  • Recognize
  • Respond
  • React

Goalie Camp and Goalie Training:  Simplification is Key

In order for a goaltender to process the above steps with Efficiency, they must practice doing so by simplifying their game as much as possible, combined with repetition training. During every goalie camp or goalie training session which Goalie Army Academy leads, we stress the importance of having our students simplify their game as much as possible.  By implementing opportunities for the discussion of theory during exercise explanations and demonstrations, we teach our students that they increase their chances of stopping more pucks by training their bodies and minds to act and react with simplicity. By enabling our students to simplify their game effectively, they become aware of the possibilities which come with every scenario that they face during a game.  Through the anticipation of potential outcomes of their actions, our students are therefore able to process thought and physical reaction with greater speed and Efficiency than methods or theories which offer too many, or complicated options.  Instead, goaltenders should apply techniques which suit and support their technical foundation in order to ensure Efficiency. Teaching cookie-cutter techniques does not work for everyone.  After all, there isn’t just one way to stop a puck.  However, there is a way to become more Efficient so that goaltenders may limit the opposition’s scoring chances.  The R3E System can teach you how. Want to learn more about the proper application of the R3E System?  Feel free to check out our blog, or let us know that you want to sign up for our free newsletter to receive regular notifications of new articles, upcoming goalie camps, special discounts, or promotional offers.

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