Goalie Training Tips: Behind the Net Reversals

We often say at our goalie training sessions:  There is no right or wrong way of stopping pucks – but there may be a way to be more efficient at doing so.  Like stopping pucks, tracking efficiency for behind the net plays is essential to the goaltender’s game.  However, if you’re making some of these common mistakes, you may be leaving yourself open for more goals against. Continue reading

Goalie Training Tips: Flexibility vs Mobility

As a goalie, you know that you require a lot of mobility.  And often, people don’t understand the difference between mobility and flexibility.  Throughout these exercises, I’m going to show you the difference and the importance of mobility over flexibility. Continue reading

Goalie Training Tips: Net Drives

A couple of weeks ago, we uploaded a goalie training video taken from one of our goalie clinics to our YouTube channel.  The video explains how to respond to a net drive, and so far the feedback has been great from parents and team coaches alike.  Although the video explains how to execute the drill, it is also important to consider the following elements. Continue reading

Goalie Training Tips: Overusing the RVH

We’re asked by students at our goalie training sessions, their parents, and team coaches on a regular basis what will take their goaltender’s game to the next level.  For many young goaltenders, there is a consistent element of the game which is missing. Continue reading

New Goalie E-Book Available

A new resource for goalies, parents, and team coaches looking to increase their understanding of the goaltender’s position is now available!  Featuring articles from multiple knowledgeable sources such as Washington Capitals’ goaltending coach, Mitch Korn, and Goalie Army Academy’s Lead Goaltending Instructor, Rick Besharah, this new E-Book is Continue reading

Stopping Dump-Ins (Paddle Down)

Recently, I had a discussion with a student’s parent after one of our goalie training sessions about using the paddle of the stick in order to stop and control dump-ins.  It appeared as though the student’s goaltending partner was having plenty of success by applying this method, so the parent asked whether it should be something that their son should be doing as well.  Continue reading